Planrly is a simple application to create and share social plans with your Facebook friends. You can easily create private or public plans, send instant invites and receive updates via push notifications.

## Salient Features ##

Easy Private or Public Plan Creation:

Planrly lets you create private (invite only) or public plans, send single tap invites and receive status notifications. Plans can have real physical address such as ‘1918 8th AVE Seattle’ or virtual addresses such as Doug’s Home, Online Shopping Center etc.

Intuitive Organization:

Planrly facilitates organization and easy navigation by monthly views, separated by three distinct tabs for Private, Friends and Public plans. Furthermore Planrly always keeps your past plans, letting you go back and forth in time and cherish old memories.

Voting, Comments, Images & Signups:

Planrly lets you and your invited friends post comments, add pictures, initiate votes and list signup items, all aesthetically integrated in a single plan view. Moreover all the added data is automatically shared amongst the invited guests, eliminating the need for separate requests for sharing images, comments and other memorable data.
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Jan, 2012 - Jan, 2012)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Numnum15, 5 stars:

illyrian1984, 5 stars:

Very easy to use: creating, updating and filling in plans are done with less work and less heavy weight than other applications i have seen. Great look and feel and awesome FB integration!

El Toro Blanco, 5 stars:

Easily integrates with FB.

Jammy_88, 5 stars:

Quick and easy to use! I like it.

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