ChainCal is the simple and stylish habit building app for the iPhone.

Think of it as a todo list for things you should do every single day.

Set daily goals and visualize your progress in an intuitive and visual way. Motivate yourself to adopt new positive habits one day at a time.

- Set daily reminder times to keep yourself on track

- Visually track your progress in an eye-pleasing, minimalist interface

- Swipe the bottom panel to switch between multiple goals

- Challenge yourself to break old records and become a better person

It's easy to form good habits with a clean perspective. Try it and see what you can track...

- meditate

- quit smoking

- get in shape

- wake up earlier

- write 10 pages in your novel

- give up carbs

- practice an instrument
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Version History:
Version: 2  (Nov, 2012 - Apr, 2014)   Show More
Version: 1  (Feb, 2012 - Jun, 2012)   Show More
App Store Reviews
PlumPummelo, 5 stars:

clean interface, easy to use, simple design. LOVE IT!!!

Mkulp, 5 stars:

Great design. Fantastic interactions. Solid animations. it does its task simply and that's why it's a delight to use. I've coupled this with clear app. They work so well together.

MRMattson, 5 stars:

Like a good smartphone app should be, it is simple, but powerful, and sticks to doing its one task well. The app is well designed, intuitive to use and isn't overdone or over complicated.

wamitchell, 5 stars:

Does exactly what it claims to do. I really like the aesthetic.

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