Take on the role of PeaG as he skillfully manuevers through 100 challenging parkour puzzles while avoiding the ZomPeas. Position bits of junk with varying shapes and physical attributes to manipulate PeaG to perform cool tic-tacs, back-flips, rolls, cat leaps, grinds, vaults and spring jumps. Best of all, collect 250 bottle caps and create your own levels to share with friends and other players.

✔ -"Peakour deserves a download not only for the amazingly awesome concept, but also for the wonderfully thought out game it is."

✔  USA TODAY - "Visually, the game boasts high-resolution graphics and some of the smoothest animation seen in an iOS game to date. PeaG's movements are incredibly fluid as he runs, rolls, dives and backflips through the perilous environments.

"For less than a dollar, there's quite a bit of charming and challenging gameplay to be found in Peakour HD for iPad."

✔ Up - "Peakour has a lot of fun physics and some good challenges within, so if you’re into puzzles, give it a whirl."

✔ - "It’s a little different from some physics-based puzzlers like Crayon Physics, where a ball just rolls down the path of least resistance. The pea will actually jump when it gets to the edge of a platform, and various moves allow it to change direction or go over certain obstacles. It takes some trial and error to get where you’re going.
There’s a whole bunch of levels to keep you busy, particularly if you’re going after all the bottle caps."

✔ - "It makes for a great pick-up-and play game that’s actually pretty inexpensive for the amount of content you get. Don’t judge Peakour by its looks and frivolous jokes – this smart little game is definitely not for peabrains."

✔ – "Score 4/5 Star Review: Peakour is a very unique gaming experience. The theme is very cute as a pea attempts to get from one side of the level to the other. Gameplay is fun and the music is catchy."

✔ – “Score 4.5/5: Peakour is a challenging game that provides you a bigger, better gaming experience. It's your must have puzzle game. The perfect amount of content will attract you, you will find you totally get into this game.

✔ – “The refusal to adhere to the expected norm is what makes Peakour special. Rather than control the little jumping (and flipping, and wall-running) bean, they have to piece together a course and watch him run through it automatically.”

✔ – “A very functional puzzler with a good amount of content and a style of play that lends itself well to pick-up-and-play.”

✔ – “Peakour is a fun puzzle game that illustrates a different gameplay experience.”

✔ – “I know it can be difficult to come up with a completely new mascot. We have plumbers, hedgehogs, bandicoots, cats, dogs, bird, and more in the industry. So I give Peakour points for creativity, and trying something really different. I believe there is an audience out there for this app.”

Game Features:
•100 levels, 4 worlds
•Realistic physics
•Amazing graphics and animations
•Fun achievements
•Individual profiles for multi-household playing
•Unlock level creator to create your own level & share with others

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Version History:
Version: 1  (Mar, 2012 - Jun, 2012)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Darkart4ever, 5 stars:

Very challenging game. Easy to learn and fun to play Great character pretty fun

J3ffCat, 5 stars:

I think this game is a blast, has killer graphics oh and it's free! Enjoy the puzzle aspect as well as the action! Well done!

DKoozee, 5 stars:

Does not crash on newer devices, you don't NEED a social network and who said action game? It's a puzzler! Thanks for the positive reviews guys. The others are mindless in all fairness!

Link064, 5 stars:

I've been so tired of playing crappy, half-hearted iOS games that are nothing more than a complete waste of time trying to nickel and dime you. This game is a very fun take on puzzle platforming with its user-guided on-rails system. I would recommend this game to all my friends.

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