Grab this app trusted by tens of thousands of happy users.

✔ Works completely OFFLINE (no cellular data charges)

✔ Includes UNLIMITED map downloads

✔ Includes 700+ Wikitravel TRAVEL GUIDEs for cities worldwide

✔ 5300 locations worldwide

✔ Includes Millions of POIs

✔ Includes 20 phrasebooks

✔ Intuitive zoomable slippy maps and simple interface
✔ Easily find your current location and heading direction
✔ Search for attractions, find eateries and discover fun stuff to do near you

⏫ Reached #1 Travel App in 18 Countries
⏫ Top 5 Travel App in 37 Countries
⏫ Top 10 Travel App in 54 Countries
⏫ Top 100 Travel App in 82 Countries
⏫ Top 10 Overall in 2 Countries
⏫ Top 50 Overall in 12 Countries
⏫ Top 100 Overall in 24 Countries

If you are traveling with a roaming data plan in 2012, this app will pay for itself many times over.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required for downloading maps initially.

∎ How does it work?
Download the map for entire city once form our servers, and use it forever without needing Internet or cellular data connection.

∎ How much does each map cost?
Zilch. Zero. Nada. You pay for the app once. The maps are free for life.

∎ What if I don't find a map or guide that I need?
Just let us know by sending an email to with the name of the city and the country and we'll try to get that in for you.

∎ Who is it for?
Our app was designed primarily for travellers to a foreign country. However, many more have started using it around their home town to cut down on data costs and for a faster map experience.

∎ What's the story behind this app?
We wrote this app after a recent visit to Italy and Switzerland. Getting around in a foriegn country with a virtually unusable data connection and trying to even locate where we were on a paper map was not fun. The app was born to solve that frustration. To our surprise, it has started saving money and time even back home.

What's the best way to tell if an app matters? Just ask yourself whether it saves time or money or makes you smile. Our app saves both time and money. No slow downloading of maps and no roaming/hometown data charges for you. And on that next trip, when you first realize you don't have to spend a minute locating yourself on a paper map, we think you will be all smiles.

See for list of maps currently available (you can always email for new map requests).

Map data © contributors, CC-BY-SA
Guide text © contributors CC-BY-SA and images © various individual contributors for CC-BY-SA
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App Store Reviews
Berliner1985, 5 stars:

Developer is very responsive and accommodating for individual map requests for this app. OUTSTANDING. Could not be happier with this app and the support.

Asa_Phelps, 5 stars:

Works perfectly for navigating on foot while offline. I travel internationally often and am usually without Internet/google maps at my disposal. I will use this app often. The POI is very helpful.

PLaBella, 5 stars:

Really like the use of this application as it is a great help planning to travel abroad. Also very quick response to add map locations

**Happy Customer**, 5 stars:

This is a great product which comes with great customer service. I highly recommend this app. The detailed maps are updated regularly. And when I requested specific maps, they were available (with email confirmation) within hours. Furthermore, the accompanying language phrase books are amazing, helpful and accurate (I base this on the Spanish and French languages; I haven't used and/or am not familiar with the other languages). The language phrase books are very detailed and cover many topics. Also, the language phrase books come with a pronunciation key for the entire word/phrase. There is also a separate pronunciation guide. Great app!

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