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PLEASE NOTE – This is an older version of VideoScribe that is no longer supported. The new version – VideoScribe Anywhere – is available separately and is free to download. More details at Please contact if you have experienced any issues as a result of the recent VideoScribe app changes. Thank you.


Sparkol VideoScribe is a completely unique app, designed to help you create engaging whiteboard-style animations quickly and easily. It delivers the power of a multi-thousand pound production to your phone or tablet.

Place text and drawings onto a canvas, set timings and add a voiceover or soundtrack – then sit back and watch your scribe unfold as the hand draws your story.

Optimised for iOS 8.3 to meet Apple requirements.
  • Developer Environments Adobe Air
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video
 Marketing On Mobile Award (Moma)- B2B Marketing

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Version: 2  (Jun, 2014 - Jun, 2014)   Show More
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App Store Reviews
Lou2you, 5 stars:

I needed this app, so I tried it, despite the poor reviews. I am glad I did. IT WORKS! You must watch the tutorials or you will get frustrated. Once you get the hang of the app you can create a cool movie in under 5 mins. Well done, I am a very happy customer.

Wheels61, 4 stars:

It nice to finally see Videoscribe with an easier to use, and more visually appealing library as a good start but what set this update apart for me was they added move-in which I've been looking for and the FAVORITES solves part of the problem of having to constantly use dropbox to use your own SVGs over and over again. Still needs more hand choices, inculding gender, diversity, and a rub-out or eraser hand, plus hands or reverse side of screen would be great.

Jonesy Jones, 4 stars:

The app is cool but I spent time making a video and didn't realize I couldn't voice over while previewing it (as to have my voice synced with the vid). I had to video record it on my phone and then watch it on my phone as I recorded. Is there a solution to this? Am I missing something easy/obvious?

Jacked_in, 4 stars:

I love the software and use it often, please add the ability to preview the video while recording voice. And morphing is great, when can I morph to or from text. Also would love to be able to rotate the camera or canvas.. :-D I know I ask for a lot, and would be willing to pay for these as in app purchases. Even though I ask for more, I love what you have provided so far.

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