Emotish draws on what makes us uniquely human. The concept is simple, but the possibilities are endless: snap a self-portrait and tag what you're feeling in the moment. With its emphasis on visual expression, Emotish is reimagining the status update as we know it. Stay connected to your friends, family, and people from around the world through the language of emotion.

This app requires creativity, heart, and an iPhone or iPod Touch. Show what you feel. Be Emotish!

With Emotish, you can:

☆ Tag your photo with any emotion you can dream up
☆ Share photos instantly to Facebook and Twitter (or via email or txt msg!)
☆ Capture the many expressive faces of your friends, children, or pets
☆ Wonder at the infinite ways people show the same emotion around the world
☆ Finally take full advantage of your iPhone's front (or back!) camera
☆ Connect with a creative community by exchanging 'likes'
☆ Enjoy an innovative, intuitive design that makes photo-sharing a breeze
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Camera Design Backend
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App Store Reviews
serkoart, 5 stars:

Great way to share photos with friends. Fun concept with a simple but well deigned user interface. Quick performance and twitter sign-in are a plus.

jonbaer, 5 stars:

Cool design and slick app

danbretl, 5 stars:

Great app, but it needs more users! Hope to see some new faces soon!

snugglepug, 5 stars:

Simple, creative, and fun.

Official Team Members:

  • Dan Bretl
    Dan Bretl