Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic role-playing game firmly set in a world inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.

The deluxe version of Saturday Morning RPG comes with all current and future episodes unlocked right out of the box.

** Save data will not transfer from the standard edition of the game! **

The game follows the story of Martin “Marty” Hall, an average high school student who has been gifted a powerful ability to channel magic through everyday objects. With his newfound powers Marty has inadvertently attracted the ire of the world’s most heinous villain – the evil Commander Hood. This leads Marty into a series of dangerous plans that he must unravel to save the world (several times!).

Saturday Morning RPG is a Japanese style RPG that allows players to build Marty’s power up throughout multiple stand alone episodes. Players can carry over stats, inventory, and even story decisions between these episodes (sometimes your actions in one episode will ripple into previous or future episodes!). Saturday Morning RPG is a truly unique and engrossing role-playing game experience that can not be missed!

9 out of 10 (Gold Award): "A heart-felt love letter to Japanese role-playing games and ’80s popular culture, Saturday Morning RPG is likely to prove irresistible to anyone over the age of 30." - Damien McFerran,

9.5 out of 10: “Saturday Morning RPG is one of the most ambitious handheld games I’ve played in a long time, and it’s unbelievably well done.” – Adam Jones,

93 out of 100: “Saturday Morning RPG is a refreshing take on the genre.” – Matt Smith,

“This is how JRPGs always should have felt!” - Sean Koch,

“I found myself desperately wanting more.” – Trevor Faulkner,

Touch Arcade Forums Game of the Week, Kotaku Gaming App of the Day, USA Today's Portable Pick, and several other accolades. Don't think twice about playing this game!
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App Store Reviews
Tom "slowbro", 5 stars:

This is well worth the $5 for me. Every episode is a solid little turn-based RPG with well-implemented action elements.

The book of rock, 5 stars:

Awesome game, really no other way to describe it. However I'm just wondering when is the next update coming out.

NihilExmachina, 5 stars:

This game combines the simple joys of everything I woke up early, tiptoed down the stairs, and turned the volume down to watch. With a combination of 80's references, retro gaming throwbacks, and polished thrills, the game manages to capture the essence of a simpler time, where bad meant good, and villains had complicated schemes that could only seem plausible to children and the elderly. Also there are bear puns. Soooooo many bear puns. I had the unique opportunity to talk with the developer at PAX East, and got to see into the minds that made such a cheeky and charming shot to the childhood. Not only do they take pride in this game, they also truly love it, putting in a great deal of effort and creativity, along with some shameless pandering to nerd-folk everywhere, and producing a product that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. As a poor college student, it was amazing hard to motivate myself to pay money. I really don't have any, I'm even running low on quarters for laundry. But when I got to play this at PAX, I was sold in an instant. I in fact got lost in the game for almost two hours. I had bee having a rough day, my laptop had gone belly up, my hotel hard charged both my and my friend's cards, and I was starting to hit the end of con blues. I was just holding on until we took the six o clock train back from Boston. Then I wandered into the indie gaming section, and decided to chat it up with the guys who were on the panel. I got to playing the game, and then two hours later I woke up and realized my friends who had assumed I was moping in the corner somewhere were frantically trying to find me to check our bags out and walk to the train station. I had just lost a huge chunk of time playing a game, laughing at the wit, marveling at the (not at all) subtle references, and generally enjoying myself as much as I did when I first got Pokemon Crystal. I have now purchased the game, and am playing all the way through, finding weapons and stickers, finding what animation play when you win with certain items, and crane kicking billy, no matter how many times he tries to sweep the leg. If you loves games, or if you love laughing, play this game. I will judge you if you don't. Feel that? That is my righteous judgement. I loved it and so will you. Will Most Excellent Baditude, The Chuck

BLKZER0, 5 stars:

Amazing game, worth it if you're looking for a fun RPG. It has an interesting story with plenty of humor. It reminds me of the Paper Mario series, in both style and gameplay.

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