Do you have a story to tell? We are holding a contest in search of the next great novel. The author will receive an amazing publishing deal which will make their story available to the public. Not a writer but love to read? That's great too because the readers will decide who gets voted out of the competition. Our contestants will be providing you with their freshest material to win your votes and the publishing deal that goes with it.

Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is tell us about the story you will tell. Think of this as a blurb that would appear on the back cover of your book. We would also like to know a bit about you, as any reader would like to know a little about the author.

From these two pieces of information, we will narrow down the candidates to a small group. The public will then narrow this group down further deciding who will compete for the publishing deal. The authors will then go head to head with writing challenges judged by the public until two remain. The final two authors will submit the beginning chapter(s) of their novel. The author with the most support from the public will then receive a publishing deal.

Most publishers provide authors with 10% of the price each copy of the book sells for. The winner of this competition, however, will receive 50% of all profits from each copy sold! For example, apple keeps 30% of a novel sold through iBooks leaving 70% of the price to be split evenly between the winning author and the publisher. This means you will make more than three times the amount of earnings through a common publishing deal. The winner will also receive a free, one of a kind, hand bound, hardcover copy of their winning novel.

The final ten contestants will have all their works from the contest published in a compilation book available for sale to the public and will receive a percentage of the book's profits collected by Perfect Wave Design House for every copy sold depending on where they placed in the competition with tenth place being the least and final two being the highest. This collection of works as well as the winner's novel will be featured in following versions of the Novelist application.

Author's retain their own copyrights for their works.
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John Clevesy, 5 stars:

It's working fine for me and the stories from the contestants are great.

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