Multitasking. Precision. Timing. Endurance. Doc White is challenging you in a global competition to be the best Spectrum Runner!

Spectrum Run is all about the three colors Red, Blue and Yellow - packed in a fast-paced action-arcade game! Jump, dive and slide through gates with the right color in a challenging hunt for the Highscore! Master your reaction-time while Doc White is gaining speed. Earn Achievements and challenge your friends on Game Center!

Doc White's recent discovery of the spectral particles led to his newest invention - he calls his prototype the Spectrum Coat, which makes you more agile and faster. This is where the fun part begins, testing of the prototype needs to be done! Doc White just built the perfect course for that.

- Fast-paced gameplay with increasing speed
- Master your reaction-time
- Controls are easy to learn, but hard to master!
- Randomly generated levels
- Full Game Center support with Leaderboards and Achievements
- Watch and share your replays with Kamcord
- Competitive action game, challenge your friends!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Mobile Features Game Center
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Oct, 2012 - Oct, 2013)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Nate1232345, 5 stars:

This is a very simple yet addictive game. I love playing this. (One suggestion: I would like the Game Center to show my high score instead of my most recent score.)

Pyoung14, 5 stars:

Challenging and fun, I love it

Zimtlatschen007, 5 stars:

Cool. Die Farbwechsel sind schwer, dafr aber die Sprnge einfacher.

Dummer 99, 4 stars:

Gutes Spiel bin schon lnger am zocken als ich es Glauben kann doch viel zu schwer und eine dumme Musik wenn das verbessert ist dann gerne

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