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I created this app to help me learn to read music and develop perfect pitch – and it worked!
– Joren (Developer)
Piano Helper is a necessity for anyone learning to read music or trying to develop perfect pitch.
Piano Helper teaches perfect pitch and sheet music reading. Piano helper plays a tone, displays a musical staff and a series of note choices (A – G). The student chooses the correct note based on the staff they see and the tone they hear.
Piano helper keeps a score history so the student can track improvement over time.
Piano Helper works in three modes:
Normal Mode: Display musical staff, plays the corresponding tone and the student chooses the correct note. Visual and audio indication is given for both correct and incorrect answers.
Study Mode – Works the same as Normal Mode, but also displays the correct musical note in letter form as a hint. This mode is useful for beginning students to associate the visual staff and audible tone with the correct musical note.
Tonal Mode – Displays no musical staff. The student must identify the correct musical note from tone only. This mode works great for developing perfect pitch on the go.
Piano Helper exploits the computer like capabilities of the iPhone with on-the-go access to provide a superior method for learning to read music, or developing perfect pitch.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks AVFoundation Cocoa Touch
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video
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App Store Reviews
Frozenmidsummer, 4 stars:

Please add # and b , and maybe chords make it more sophisticated. It can be a great ear trainer!!

Beats fo days, 5 stars:

Simple idea, but executed well. Helped me nail down my sheet music playing so that I could hit the notes without thinking about them.

Freedom49, 4 stars:

This app is super helpful and fun. I'm currently taking a music theory course and need to be able to identify notes by only hearing them. Using piano helper has allowed me to test myself anywhere . I now use this app ever day on the subway to school. I've recommended the app to my whole class and they love it too

SmittenKitty, 5 stars:

I love this app! I've just started learning how to play the piano and read music and I've improved quickly using this app. The layout is nice and it's very easy to use.

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