Movie Nite is the easiest way to get your movie night going without spending most of the time arguing which movie to actually see. Settle it with a democratic vote!

Let everyone nominate a movie they would like to watch and start voting.

Rank the movies in a descending order of preference keeping in mind that every piont counts, not just the highest ranked.

Present the winner and enjoy your movie night!
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App Store Reviews
Movieguy 9000, 4 stars:

Me n my friends always use to argue bout wat movie 2 watch but not nemore cuz of the app. So far we used it 6 times and even tho it told us to watch requiem for a dream 2 out of those 6 the other 4 we watched a nice one so I'd defonately recommend it. Overall a nice apps

optimus_goldfarb, 4 stars:

Me and my little brother are always fighting about what movie to watch, like for real fist fighting. My mom made us use this app to help us decide. It's alright, I guess. I usually vote for transformers, he votes for monsters inc, and the app votes for requiem for a dream. We always watch requiem for a dream.

Legislater, 5 stars:

Ditch the complicated spreadsheets and painful feats of strength. This apps streamlines your movie-selection process. Not sure how my friends and I ever managed to choose a movie before this. My one complaint is that it seems to tell us to watch Requiem for a Dream at least once a week, and I'm pretty sure none of us are nominating it. Oh well, it's a good movie so I didn't mind watching it 3 times last week.

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