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Skatebook is a boarder's utility for saving and sharing spots amongst their friends. Using Skatebook you can record the max and average speed along with the length of your favorite boarding runs. After you have your spots saved you can share them with friends whom you select.

The point behind selective sharing is so that your spots remain truly yours and are only shared with those you want and trust to ride them. You can use Facebook, manual searching or even local searching to add other boarders to your circles.

Your book is also completely yours. Add and remove spots as you deem necessary. Everything is automated as well. As soon as you save a spot, everyone that you are sharing with will be able to locate and go find it.

There is much in store for Skatebook so keep posted, and if you like the app please rate it 5 stars!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks MapKit Core Animation Cocoa Touch Core Location
  • Backend Parse
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Location Accelerometer
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569;394;@;-8:/89, 5 stars:

Great app nc people friend jairman

bbey132, 5 stars:

Great app

Mr.ihatethisgame, 5 stars:

maestro_orangatang;) is my name. I know a few spots (if u live in Ireland). Kinda hard to use for me because I'm probably the only long boarder within a fifty mile radius. Maybe that's my fault not yours. So I'll rate this 5

The E Street Band, 4 stars:

This app is fantastic. I love it. But the only downside is that I have no friends with an iPhone that ride, so if there was maybe some way to find other users near your area to make friends with, and share spots would be awesome. But other than that, everyone should definitely get this app.

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