PRINThipsta is an app that allows you to upload your iphotos to be printed on canvas and turned into a piece of artwork ready to hang.

Each piece is printed 8" x 8" on quality canvas, stretched around a 1.25" frame, delivered ready to hang.

PRINThipsta works with your iphone camera apps such as hipstamatic, and instagram.
PRINThipsta also allows you to upload photos directly from your iphotos, images are cropped into a square 8 "x 8", making it easy to create collages of your photos.

PRINThipsta provides a fun, easy, and affordable platform that allows you to print out and share your images, hang them on your walls, and gift your moments to your family and friends.

We all remember the freezer being full of rolls of film waiting to be developed, and after a roll was developed the pictures would move to a drawer waiting to be placed into a photo album.

Don't turn your iphone into the freezer.
Print and Gift your PRINThipsta moments.
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App Store Reviews
Joseph (joe) Momma, 5 stars:

I took a cool pic, easily navigated the system, ordered a print, and received it in the mail in a few days, and was BLOWN AWAY by it. It's not just a pic, it really is a piece of art I am proud of.

Drsteve1969, 5 stars:

This is the most user friendly app and the picture quality is out of this world! I love that it is ready to hang right out of the box. I get asked all the time where I got them!! This is a perfect gift!!

Scotlandbrazil, 5 stars:

My kids send me photos to print through PRINThipsta. The problem is they want too many! I took team photos and now all their friends are asking for their own. Know how to make someone happy? Send them a cool PRINThipsta of them as art.

kelley sullivan, 5 stars:

I've already ordered 4 prints as gifts and the app has been so easy to use. It has been the perfect, personal gift for special occasions i.e. birthdays, engagements, new babies, etc....everyone I have sent them to has been blown away by the picture quality and how beautiful the colors are. The finished products far exceeded my expectations and my friends loved the unique spin on the classic framed picture. I also LOVE that they come ready to hang straight out of the package. I will definitely be ordering many more!!

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    alisha rogness
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