In Business Survey create your own poll custom
Customize the questions and answers
Choose how to display options, Picker/List
Edit your content (questions and answers)
View your responses graphically (Areas or Circular)
Get results according to the parameters; start/end date, questions/answers, etc..
Send the graph or data by email
Restart the survey to start another one

Survey (example)
Choose. Your Nationality
Select. Your Language
Select. How did you know us?
Select in what website did you find the event?
Select, what is the hall of the event?
Select, who is the artist?
Select, do you know this event?
Select, What other shows have been or intend to do?
Select, How many days are you staying in the city?
Select, What souvenirs did you buy or plan to buy?

General Editor
Indicate nationality issue
Indicate answer editing
Indicate question editing
Presentation has two formats, Picker/Roulette

Build statistical graphics
Choose the date and industry characteristics surveyed, to obtain the statistical graph of your survey *Remember that this will change as the data selected
Choose from two graphic formats; Areas/Circular
For a better view of graphic screen, performs a rotation
Send graph by email
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App Store Reviews
El Gato Howlin, 5 stars:

We use to collect opinions among our business partners (IT users) via polls. For this, we send someone with paper forms with printed questions and choice answers with checkboxes. Then we collect the forms and enter the info in our database to datamine. This app makes our life much easier. Just create the poll in the iPad (it's a quick task), and then send someone with it. When he/she is finished, just tap Send and voilá! data in the database. No need to print anything before or data entering afterwards. You can even see the charts in the iPad itself. No frills here, which is a good thing: simple and to the point, and not getting lost in myriad options. Only con? The initial 'Nationality' option. I understand some people might need it, but I don't use it and I would prefer the app without it. But it's a minor thing.

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  • Gastón Guernik
    Gastón Guernik
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing