Can young children learn English and life science, get to know the letters and practice listening all at the same time? Welcome to our first game from the series called "ANIMALS", in which you will meet 41 friendly animals living in four different environments - Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest. Each of the animals will present itself by making its natural sounds, while children can also hear its name read by a child speaker***. In all the parts, a child has to get through four increasingly difficult levels*** of fun and learning. On the first level, children are to touch the animal, whose sound they hear. They can experience what the squeal of a pig, the roar of the king of the jungle or the singing of a whale sound like. After guessing 8 examples*** correctly, the player can go on to the second level***, where animals must be identified on the basis of their names which children can see and hear. On the third and most difficult level***, children are required to choose the name of the animal they see. No hints this time! The fourth and last level*** is a summary of all the exercises and an opportunity to see what the player has learned. It consists of randomly chosen exercises from all the previous levels. In the marvelous game "ANIMALS - Names and Sounds", children will fall in love with the cute creatures and their funny noises. So it can be really difficult to pull the young players away from the great fun they will have with their new animated friends. *** 4 environments with 1 level and 4 examples are free, the others can be bought in the full version. The full version of the game includes: - 41 animals - recordings of real animal sounds - instructions, names of animals and feedback read by a child speaker - 4 environments: Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest - 4 levels of difficulty - iq mode stimulating mental activity - intuitive interface
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Screenshots for Animals - Names and Sounds Lite Screenshots for Animals - Names and Sounds Lite Screenshots for Animals - Names and Sounds Lite Screenshots for Animals - Names and Sounds Lite
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