Psyc E is an inspirational app that offers encouragement and comfort right from your phone, or use it to encourage others. Choose from a selection of eight characters each with a range of offerings. The Nurturer, offers comfort and encouragement. The Coach pumps up your will to win. The Executive rallies you for meetings and negotiations. The Gal Pal rallies your self esteem. Choose your favorite from the gallery and set it to play on launch so the words of inspiration are with in a flash. Or play a random selection and let the fates decide what you'll hear. Just one word of warning do not press the "Don't Press" button or you'll suffer the consequences.
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App Store Reviews
LutLucky, 5 stars:

This is hilarious! Funny anytime and for all ages. Ok not ALL ages but grandma loved it! Think she has a crush on Coach. Put it on your phone and pass it around, you won't get it back once your friends start pushing "don't press." Super clever and funny stuff.

I'm the best!, 5 stars:

Tell your friends to get this app! You will have a great time using this app, but try not to push that button!

lawhitmire, 5 stars:

This app is great!!! Sure to put a smile on your faceEspecially Toady!! Must have

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