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PATHX is an innovative Laboratory Information System designed by and for Anatomic Pathology Labs. With the PATHX mobile app, PATHX lab users and their clients can access up-to-the-minute reports and case listings right from their iPhone or iPad. The mobile application was designed specifically for those who are "on the go." Now, pathologists can review and sign out pending reports, as well as get a snapshot of their current work queue, all within one, easy to use, dashboard.

In addition, referring physicians, directors and other laboratory personnel can easily view in-process and completed reports. To further expedite the process, users can quickly search through open and closed cases on the basis of status, date, patient name, etc. A PATHX lab’s clients can also Order Supplies via the app, based on the lab’s definition of available items.

Keep up-to-date on Pathology lab news and events with the Dark Daily news feed available to all users, with or without a PATHX LIS account.

Also, to make everyone's life easier, the PATHX mobile application was designed to utilize the same credentials needed to access its secure web portal. Now, users will only need to remember one password and they can have complete access via the web or mobile.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 5 or later.

Access: For existing PATHX Portal users, log in with your existing username and password. If you are a PATHX client but you do not have login, mail or call 1.866.944.0404. You can still access the Dark Daily features without logging in.
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App Store Reviews
mattyboy22, 5 stars:

I've had this app a few weeks and am really glad about it. Easy to navigate. Can't wait for more depth of info.

Pathology Group, 5 stars:

Very helpful app to supplement a superior LIS. Thank you for developing this.

None, 5 stars:

This app is a tremendous time saver for our staff. Thanks for addressing a critical need: easy to use and comprehensive. 5 Stars!

Matt In CA, 5 stars:

I use the app to review Pathology reports without having to go back to the office or even pull out my laptop. It's great that I can see critical patient data on-the-go. Very easy-to-use!

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