Secant Home Automation offers you the privilege of accessing and controlling your CARDIO via your iPhone.

Home owners and property managers with the Secant CARDIO control system can access and activate or deactivate their connected appliances, set the lights intensity, arm or disarm their security with their initially set PIN, ability to set the curtains close percentage, run scenarios, and set the temperature of specific rooms.

Ability to rename individual lights, appliances, curtains, and scenarios as different names than the CARDIO is also possible by double tapping the labels.

The application is currently available in English and French with new languages more to come.
  • Developer Environments Xcode Android Studio
  • Frameworks MapKit Core Animation Cocoa Touch Core Motion Core Location
  • Mobile Features Location Graphics & Animation
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Version History:
Version: 1  (May, 2012 - Feb, 2013)   Show More
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Joe SCD., 5 stars:

Finally can access my home Cardio from my phone.

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