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Are you addicted to monitoring your stock portfolio and movements on a daily basis? Then StockDash is for you!

StockDash is the only app that allows you to monitor the real-time* movement of your stocks on a single dashboard. You'll be able to track your entire portfolio at-a-glance with simple green/red indicators.

Many other apps provide you with the ability to monitor your portfolio, however StockDash allows you to monitor up to 21 stocks on one page (additional stocks can be viewed by scrolling).

An unlimited number of stocks can be added on any global exchange. This allows you to monitor your global portfolio on a single, simple-to-use dashboard.

In addition to the unique and innovative dashboard, StockDash also provides:
- a record of your stock purchases and sales
- the total value of your portfolio
- the daily change of your portfolio (as both a weighted percentage as well as the nominal change)
- the ability to nominate your favourite stock(s) to provide an easy way of identifying key stocks in your dashboard

This is the first version of StockDash and future releases are being planned. We would appreciate any feedback you have or requests for additional features.

* All stock data is provided by Yahoo Finance. Some stock prices may be delayed by 15 minutes.
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App Store Reviews
Bubble Tea Goodness, 5 stars:

So much better than the Apple stock app, this app allows you to see at a glance your whole portfolio performance (no more scrolling!) and you can even configure it to show what your personal % change is based on the stocks you own.

Abacus Dude, 5 stars:

Simple, easy to use, and straightforward to track my stocks. Thanks Plimmerton!

NGT Fan, 5 stars:

Nice simple app, perfect for daily tracking of your portfolio changes in both dollar terms and a weighted average change of all your stocks.

Fiscal Fish, 5 stars:

Just the app I've always wanted. Allows me to view my whole portfolio at a glance. I use this at least 5 times a day, more than any other app I use.

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