Ridiculous predictions and cryptic advice from a psychic seahorse.

Tap the crystal ball and discover what the future holds for you.
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Version: 1  (May, 2012 - Jun, 2012)   Show More
App Store Reviews
snootent, 5 stars:

Not yet, but it's pretty close. It might be best app of all time if it let me send entries to Pocket to read later.

Guillermo Esteves, 4 stars:

Well, I did get the tea, but where's my walrus? Is it an in-app purchase? Will hold five-star rating hostage until walrus is delivered.

voiddd, 5 stars:

Love it

Nostrich, 5 stars:

good app, will update my review to 6 stars when it gets a stopwatch feature

Official Team Members:

  • Liam Cooke
    Liam Cooke
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer