Note: This free, lite version, has ads. The paid version, FlyPunnett, has no ads. The paid version will help support a life sciences graduate student (a.k.a. The Developer) at the University of Arizona. Thanks!

-> Summary: this is a program created for scientists and students working with the model organism, Drosophila melanogaster. Better known as the fruit fly, it has 4 chromosomes but 1-3 are generally the ones we care about (the 4th is tiny and carries few genes). While the basic understanding of doing a Punnett sqaure is crucial in genetics, it becomes tiresome to do them over and over again. Also, everything gets more complicated when you are dealing with several different mutations. So, I've created this program to help with this process.

-> Instructions: simply enter in the alleles for each copy of chromosomes 1-3 for each parent. Then press the "Breed!" button to see what progeny you will get, with a percentage of each genotype displayed. There is a history button in the top left to see previous crosses and an action button in the top right to email crosses to yourself or your colleagues. Options for emailing include the currently selected cross, the last performed cross and all crosses in your history.

-> Please e-mail me with any suggestions / problems, I like to hear from people that use my apps!
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