Who are you? I am Sampler!


・最大2秒までのディレイ ルーパーとしての使用も可能

すでに弊社からリリース済みの I am Synth を使って親子で遊ぼう、というイベントを行った時、リボンコントローラーモードにハマりすぎて、指の皮がむけるほど激しく画面をこすっていた小学校低学年の男の子がいました。


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App Store Reviews
Gdamico8, 4 stars:

This app has one of the most inventive, visually pleasing, intuitive interfaces I've come across. Thank god, a cool looking, minimal take on an ipad sampler. Like the other reviewers, I'd also love to see its features expanded so that I can use it as more of a tool and less of a toy. Audiobus, midi connectivity, ability to store more samples, ability to import samples. Any of that stuff would be great. I don't ever write reviews, but this one and its sister app are both a lot of fun and deserve to be enjoyed by more people.

zounds23, 4 stars:

Please, please, please add the ability to add a MIDI controller to both "I Am Synth" & "I Am Sampler". It would improve the functionality of both of them & make then usable. Pretty please with sugar on top add this one feature!

hypoetical, 4 stars:

audiobus support, please?

computer musician, 4 stars:

It needs audio copy/paste, the ability to save presets, and finally, AUDIOBUS!

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