Welcome to BreadVault, your opportunity to create an immediate, positive impact on your household finances. Centered on the idea of saving and spending wisely, BreadVault offers free tools for every member of your family to make decisions that will develop into great financial habits.

Using BreadVault is easy. In fact, it’s so easy your savings never leave your bank or brokerage account. Simply enter virtual deposits to reflect your family’s actual savings activities. When savings goals are met, BreadVault provides an online gateway for you to complete your goals.

The virtual funds are divided into three channels of money flow: Save, Invest and Give. Within this three-channel system, you can set savings goals to purchase your favorite things, research and select investments, donate to your favorite charities, and track progress of your goals in real-time on our website and mobile app. Each family member can also use the mobile app to set and track individual goals using a personalized PIN.

You’ll be amazed at how effectively you can manage your money when goals are visible, dynamic and easy to monitor. No more frivolous spending. BreadVault keeps your family members focused on savings goals and engaged with their dollars at all times.

It’s simple by design. Saving has never been easier; no spreadsheets to maintain, no trips to the bank for allowance money, no envelope systems or piggy banks. BreadVault simplifies saving.

In three simple steps, you can start saving:
· Sign up
· Add family members
· Set savings goals

It’s that easy. Soon, you'll even have the option to sign up using Facebook.

Give your family the gift of financial responsibility today with BreadVault.
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