Upgrade your image consulting business... Before you get left behind.
The PowerStylist app gives you an online business platform specifically designed for today’s Image Professionals... giving you all the cutting-edge tools to serve MORE clients in MORE areas — and in MORE innovative ways — from one fun, powerful interface. At home, in the office, or on the go, now you can deliver your ULTIMATE level of service to clients around the world... without the hassle, limitations, and legwork that hold your consulting business back.

The world is virtualizing. Are you keeping up with your clients?
PowerStylist delivers ALL the critical survival tools a modern Image Professional needs to keep up with the demands of today’s clients. Now, you can put your business in the safety zone, make more profit than ever, and focus on doing you love: Transforming lives.

Client Management in the Cloud Lets You Provide Better Service... Faster!
Does worrying about dropping a ball on a client keep you up late at night? PowerStylist delivers complete peace of mind—no matter how many clients you have. You can rest easy once and for all, knowing you’ll never miss a critical meeting, a personal detail, an unpaid invoice... or an opportunity to “wow.” Others will MARVEL at how you manage to do it all with such calm, cool ease... so you might want to keep PowerStylist a secret.”

Account Management Made Easy
As an image professional, your clients expect perfection every step of the way. As your client base grows, there are a ton of details to keep track of. PowerStylist gives you access to each and every detail right at your fingertips! See the complete details of every one of your clients from anywhere. Add and update details so you are always up to date.

Complete Client Wardrobe Management
PowerStylist lets your virtualize each and every item in your clients’ wardrobes so that you can see each and every article of clothing they own!Walk into their closet from anywhere using just your phone and see exactly what you need to assemble the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Download the app now, and upgrade your image business today!
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App Store Reviews
Erica James, 5 stars:

Images load super fast - and it's so amazing to FINALLY be able to see everything in my clients' wardrobes when I'm out and about - and/or shopping for them. Plus, I can access every single detail about their lifestyle, sizes, fits, family, etc. if I need to respond fast with a personal message. LOVE!

mc426, 5 stars:

A helpful add-on to the PowerStylist SaaS application. Makes digital wardrobe management a lot easier than uploading photos via the web interface.

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