Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah, with its flamboyant name, stars along the Yellow Dragon in a delightful adventure enjoyed by both adults and children. Smiles and laughter are the usual outcome of all kids playing with this interactive book. Our fans are growing everyday in this fun adventure for the five senses. All the images are by an award winning illustrator in what can only be described as a symphony of forms and colors. Enjoy!
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App Store Reviews
New2jobmarket, 5 stars:

Wow! This book is highly engaging! I can see my young nephews spending hours reading and interacting!

Cheo Herrera, 5 stars:

I have no kids of my own but my nephews love it! Highly recommended!

MamaSteni, 5 stars:

My 3 year old daughter loves this book and I must admit...I really liked it too...and being interactive is a bonus!

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