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Punch In Punch Out in style!

Punch In Punch Out
Does your desk look like it's been hit by a tornado? Do you need help in managing your client roster, project files and job lists? Do you need a system to take note of the time you've been working? Do you want someone else to compute your billable hours for you? Are you awesome? Yes?

Then you ARE awesome and that's why this app is made for you.
With a retro look and an extremely user-friendly interface it's a virtual file cabinet of your documents.

"Excellent tool to keep track of jobs charged on an hourly basis. Much improved on previous versions."

"5 star app from a 5 star developer. He listens to all comments and keeps working on his apps."

Punching in one job is good, but the ability to stamp more than one job is awesome. The new Multi Stamp Manager allows you to stamp in and out all your jobs simultaneously. Stamp out the confusion and the disorganized mess with the all new PIPO for iPad!

Nobody's perfect, we understand that. Everyone makes mistakes so we made it easy for you to correct those errors with the Time Stamp Manager! Edit, delete and manage your Time Stamps and make your PIPO jobs as close to perfect as possible.

We now have implemented a backup system that saves all that important data into its own file format. With a simple one touch backup system, you can be rest assured that you can reload all of your data as easy as possible if your app gets deleted or you have registered another device. Super simple, super fun. Your backup files and exports can be exchanged between your computer and device by plugging into itunes.

PIPO features include:
- Input your client details on the digital business cards
- file your projects in folders and
- prepare sticky notes of the little jobs you have to do to complete the project
- digitally clock in when you start work and clock out when you're done
- see how long each task took to accomplish
- automatically compute your billable hours so you won't have to take time out to do it yourself
- review and manage the log of dates and times you've worked on a particular job
- export clients, projects and jobs data to open standard CSV format for greater use.
- silky smooth graphics and UI design.

Use the menu help section to familiarize yourself with how PIPO ticks!

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Shatner's Comma, 5 stars:

As a grad student, I find myself working on multiple projects, be they paid or unpaid, simultaneously. So far, PIPO has made it quite easy to track my work across all of them. One feature I enjoy is that the app allows you to have multiple jobs clocked in simultaneously. I think the biggest plus so far has been the support. After downloading, I put in a feature request. Within 24 hours Mitch contacted me, and within a week, there was an update. Overall, great app! Thanks Mitch!

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