Welcome to MoveTogether, a fun and easy way to join in on last-minute activities happening near you. It brings to your fingertips the activities you love and the people you love to do them with. Stopping at a café for coffee and homework? Post the activity in seconds and suddenly you’ll have a study group. Meeting got cancelled? Check your news feed and discover anything from a soccer game to a salsa dance class to pass the time. Based on information you submit, MoveTogether uses sophisticated technology to accurately suggest activities you’d like to try and people you’d like to meet. MoveTogether helps you make the most of every moment, transforming your daily routine with memorable experiences and spontaneous opportunities.

With MoveTogether,

•No tedious sign-up is necessary. Simply login using an existing social network account, like Facebook.
•Easy-to-use design makes it refreshingly simple to search, post, comment, and manage your activities and friends.
•You’ll be given relevant recommendations for activities you’ll love and people you’ll love to do them with.
•Create and post an activity from start to finish in seconds.
•Your news feed makes it simple to see everything that’s going on in your area, and can be sorted based on time, location and popularity.
•Easily search to find the types of activities you’re interested in or people you want to see.
•It’s easy to share your activities on other social networks. It only takes one click to join an activity or follow a friend
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App Store Reviews
M-Berkeley, 5 stars:

I use it all the time. Great app

megsyey, 5 stars:

I can see where all my friends are and hang out with them spontaneously! Gorgeous design super easy to use!

Fryderyk Ovcaric, 5 stars:

Finally an app that manages those little moments in life that create the big memories! Staying in touch with friends while balancing work and family is now easy! Thank you!

gaofriend, 5 stars:

I use this to find fun events that I would otherwise never have known about

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