Tired of flinging birds to their doom? Worried about the health of Om Nom’s teeth? And who’s eating all that sliced fruit, anyway?

iMelt is a unique action-packed arcade game that tests your reflexes as you travel through fun and exciting worlds, each with a unique twist.

From the Arctic Circle to the Amazon Rainforest, explore new terrains and environments that change as you progress.


★ Swipe your way through challenging levels
★ Avoid obstacles and catch power-ups
★ Enjoy hand-selected music tracks
★ Collect achievements to boost your size and score
★ Explore exciting new worlds, each one unique and challenging
★ Race against the clock as you fight for your life
★ Each pack has its own dangerous mission


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  • Developer Environments Corona
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video Accelerometer Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
Reeeep2, 5 stars:

I haven't had this much fun with a game since I first discovered cut the rope Truly a well thought out game It's fun, quick, and an excellent time killer Thank you for a new fun game :D

No Screen Name, 5 stars:

Graphics in the game are nice, music is neat, and its got a nice message in it- protect the environment. Its well worth your 99 cents. I only wish it was an iPad app as well...

Romkey Jr., 5 stars:

iMelt is a unique and addicting game with slick graphics and fun worlds! It installed in twenty seconds on my iPhone and the gameplay is fast and responsive. The scary effects liven up the game while the deadly obstacles test your fast reflexes. I've been playing this game for weeks and it's more fun every time! I strongly recommend iMelt for gamelovers of all ages.

Zaphod_wh, 5 stars:

The music is really cool and the graphics are neat! The game is pretty straightforward and easy to get started but it gets difficult as it progresses. It's clean and works well. Ok - no more flinging angry birds for me :)

Official Team Members:

  • Gyan Prayaga
    Gyan Prayaga
    Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer