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Moocho is the super easy and completely safe way to earn awesome rewards by buying
things you totally need anyway. Coffee, fast food, groceries, whatever. Seriously,
there are NO restrictions. Anywhere Moocho is accepted you can earn or redeem your
Mooches (that’s what we call our points, clever right?).

Here’s the deal, and it’s as easy as pie (Mmmm, pie!):

1. Earn a Mooch for every $5 you spend using Moocho.

2. Exchange your Mooches for sweet stuff, like an iPad, a GoPro camera, concert tickets, and trips. Or for smaller things like sandwiches, ice cream or coffee.

3. Wait... there’s NO 3! It’s just 2 easy steps! Piece of cake (Ooooh cake!).

Note: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
  • Mobile Features Location Push Notifications HTML5 Backend
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App Store Reviews
None, 5 stars:

I just got this and used it today for the first time. Super simple set up, works correctly and fast. Saves a great amount of money on meals around campus that I was already planning on going to in the first place. Plus the app is free!!! I recommend to everyone.

D Animal, 5 stars:

LOVE Moocho. The deals are awesome with lots of great places to choose from when I get the late night munchies! And the app is so easy to use when it's late at night, I can still figure it out!! Seriously, this is a great product, so thanks to the guys at Moocho!! You've made my life twice as nice. Keep signing up more spots so I can spend more of my parents money!

Jimmy.58, 5 stars:

easy to use! pay with my phone and get special offers/discounts for money I am already going to spend! if you are a merchant at OSU you are crazy if you dont accept moocho!

El Lobo, 5 stars:

I have a lot of apps, and of all the apps in this genre, Moocho is the best. I just walk into a restaurant near campus and pull my phone out and buy a pizza. It's incredible. My parents linked their credit card to my Moocho account so when I want to go eat I just pull my phone out and I don't have to worry about having enough cash or money in my debit account. And they love it because they don't have to drop a bunch of money towards a crappy university meal plan which I don't even like. Check out this Moocho app!! You're a moron if you don't.

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