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Test your trivia skills with StickyHead for FREE – the ultimate celebrity guessing game! StickyHead is a two-player game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Log in with Facebook and challenge a friend or random opponent to a Sticky round!


You each choose a celeb for a virtual sticky and post it on a photo of each other’s face (fun!). There are over 500 hot, wacky celebs to choose from OR you can make it personal by selecting a mutual friend as the mystery person. Then you ask yes/no questions to help you figure out who’s on your sticky. You can get clues to help you along the way. Whoever guesses correctly first wins – the faster you guess, the more StickyCoins you earn!

This game can be played anywhere and everywhere: our celeb list includes stars from all over the world and you can ask each other questions in any language you wish.

StickyHead is silly, challenging, and addictive… It’s time to get stuck on fun!


★ Invite your friends via Facebook, email or text message
★ 100 FREE StickyCoins to start with
★ Use your StickyCoins to obtain a clue or to reveal letters that will speed up your guessing process
★ When you share StickyHead with your friends you earn StickyCoins!
★ You can poke your friends if they are too slow to answer (unstick them!)
★ Manage your games on the home screen; swipe your finger over the game you want to delete
★ Buy StickyCoins by pressing the coin counter button
★ Check your score and share it on Facebook!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Backend Heroku
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Camera In-app Purchases Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
Fhcfcthf, 4 stars:

Does anyone know how to add a friend cuz I invited her on fb and she logged in with her fb prof but she doesn't come up on people who play on fb

Lte819, 5 stars:

The guessing possibilities are endless and allows you to get creative with yor questions. Looking forward to more characters in the future!

Newyork.hicksville, 5 stars:

Please include non facebook users to have some fun too

Sri Teja Kanuri, 5 stars:

Nice app

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