Passcode generates a site-specific unique password for all your services.

It takes the domain of the service (e.g., twitter, apple, or linkedin) and your master password (keep this a secret) and using an algorithm (SHA256), generates a new password for you to use for that service.

Once you've generated the new password for your service (and changed your password on the website), you can log in by generating the password again.

By crypographically combining a "master password" with the domain of the service you are requesting a password for, it ensures that no two services have the same password from you, but with the convenience of only having to remember one!
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App Store Reviews
goobimama, 5 stars:

Brilliant concept, and even better execution. Knowing the dev behind it, it can only get better. Get the app, get the browser extension, feel relaxed.

JohnBurarro, 5 stars:

Keeping your passwords secure has never been so easy!

MrRushifyIt, 5 stars:

The UI is very nice, Matt.

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  • Matt Zanchelli
    Matt Zanchelli
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager , PR & Marketing