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Applocation Australia, offering comprehensive information about all aspects of a move to Australia from the considerations up to point of departure (e.g. personal effects packing and shipping, passports and visas) to what needs to be known before and immediately after arrival in Australia (e.g. schooling options for children by state). The app allows specific tasks to be identified and calendarised and budgeted costs (in choice of currencies) to be established and monitored against actual spend. Moving is complex, expensive and stressful soApplocation Australia simplifies the complexity, helps cut costs and takes away the planning stress.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation Cocoa Touch
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
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Jopoo76, 4 stars:

Planning our move to Australia and facing a complicated and stressful journey, this app popped up at exactly the right time. Contains every aspect of the move with information and helpful links. Provides ability to create tasks and plan your entire migration. Excellent app and look forward to updates as they come.

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  • Prasad