This application is an audiovisual artistic project. You can watch the original video, then formulate your own version of the film's narrative. You can create an unlimited number of movie versions. Only one question remains. What if...?


In “What if” I deal with hypothetical situations in a non-scientific
manner. I treat them in an artistic way, giving them a specific visual
“What if” is a set of images arranged in time. It has the form of a
film, an audiovisual work, built of scenes, each consisting of one or
more shots. The narrative is built of sets of images. The resulting
sequences create the dramatic line. My images can be read as a
sequence of consecutive events. Each situation is a forecast of the
future ones. My narrative is quite fragmentary. It can be represented
by this definition:

frag·men·tar·y (frgmn-tr) adj.
Consisting of small, disconnected parts:
fragmen·tari·ly (-târ-l) adv.
fragmen·tari·ness n.

“What if” is a metamorphosis, escalation of conflict, duration,
finality and irreversibility, "a condition in which external forces
influencing the arrangement of bodies do not cause mutual pressures of
the system's parts, and internal gravitational interactions are
negligible”. It is also "l’instant décisif", the secret of
metamorphosis, the occult, (Latin: to hide, keep secret; occultus –
hidden, secret, clandestine), a celebration of silence, and exclusion
of perception.

“What if” is fire as destructive yet inspiring force.

“What if” is built of extreme situations which determine the ultimate
fate and character of the whole.
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Generassima, 5 stars:

This is simply an amazing project. The pictures in the movie are the feast to the eyes - beautiful, carefully shot and arranged. I loved the soundtrack. The story is touching. I loved the feature where you can arrange the scenes by yourself and influence the story completely. Truly interactive ART. Congratulations!

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  • Jakub Wroblewski
    Jakub Wroblewski
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager , User Acquisition , PR & Marketing