**2013 Apple Design Award Winner!!!**

Overcome the clutches of procrastination with Finish, a busy iPhone user’s best friend. Unlike other to-do apps that are "clever" for their own sake, only Finish takes advantage of how you naturally think. Finish gets in your face when you need it, stays out of the way when you don't, and effortlessly keeps you focused on the only thing that matters: completing important tasks.

Fully rebuilt for iOS 8!


Forbes: "You can retire your post it notes!"

iPhone Life Magazine: "I've never found task apps that useful…but Finish for iPhone has changed that."

TechCrunch: "If you’re a high school or college student, or a freelancer with deadlines, Finish’s due-date-based system will probably be just the trick."

TUAW: "Finish is a nice looking app. It's very well done. As days go by, tasks get re-assigned accordingly. That's pretty handy as deadlines draw nearer."

– Simple, intuitive to-do entry. Name, date, done.

– Unique, fully automated, timeframes-based task management. Your tasks automatically slide up as time passes through your customizable Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Timeframes.

– Notifications that actually help: with optional notifications for both when a task slides or becomes due, you can stay focused on each individual task, while also maintaining a broader sense of how long you have to do everything. Set a time for any task in just a few taps, and even turn on the "Bother Me" switch if you want be be bothered every hour to finish your task! It's a secret weapon against procrastination.

– Truly satisfying completion indicators.

– A gorgeous, gesture-based interface--Finish is smooth as can be and a joy to use, because you deserve it.

- One-tap access to all of your completed tasks. Just tap the Finish in the top bar to see what you've finished!

– Multiple view modes--don't want to be stressed and overwhelmed, no matter how much you have to do? Finish intelligently collapses your less urgent tasks, without you needing to worry about a thing. Feeling ahead of the game, and want to see everything at once? Just flick off Focus Mode in Settings. You'll be ready to conquer all of your stuff, no matter the circumstances.

– …and more! (full list & descriptions at

With updates constantly in the works, Finish can only get better. You're awesome, so why not grab the best procrastination-beating and To-Do app available?

With Finish at your fingertips, procrastination is a thing of the past.
 Apple Design Award 2013
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Screenshots for Finish. The procrastinator's to-do list. Screenshots for Finish. The procrastinator's to-do list. Screenshots for Finish. The procrastinator's to-do list. Screenshots for Finish. The procrastinator's to-do list. Screenshots for Finish. The procrastinator's to-do list.
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App Store Reviews
Ljhghgzvfxshbfkfkolpog, 5 stars:

I asked for recurring reminders in the last update and the developers came through. The app has an all new UI and is as functional as ever. I really didn't see how this app would be different from all the others, but seeing your tasks in such a coherent format really helps you focus on what needs to be done in the short term and how you can get ahead by doing things in the mid or long term. No productivity app is going to make you be productive, but this certainly helps!

Korbin Vanderlinden, 5 stars:

This app has helped me get stuff done so much! I couldn't thank you guys enough for developing such an incredible app! The newest update for iOS 7 support is incredible and repeating tasks is the last thing on my checklist for this app! Thanks again! $.99 well spent!

Momo 0, 5 stars:

As stated in the subject, this app is brilliant. As someone who loses focus easily, I find Finish extremely helpful. It allows you to set tasks to certain dates and even times and lets you know when tasks are coming up by grouping them according to their due date. On top of all this, Finish is gorgeous, easy to use, and is, in a way, supportive and encouraging (you'll know what I'm talking about if and when you download it). One of the most useful apps on my phone and a big help in everyday life!

Sciannen, 4 stars:

Forget about sticky note "to do" lists, this ap takes it up a few levels by organizing tasks into short med long term, and even rewards check offs.

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