Tired of playing pinochle games with unintelligent players? Then this is your game. We have painstakingly tested and improved the artificial intelligence. Pinochle Pro is the best 4 handed single deck pinochle game available for the iPad iPhone and iPod Touch.

••••• Finally, a great pinochle game!... "Oldsoul12"
••••• I play this game every day! love it! "sabinlvr10"

• Partners bid when they have a good hand, pass when they dont.
• Partners know when to over bid you and when to not.
• Partners know when to break up their own meld and when not to.
• "Ive Got the Rest" is a great option to toss in the rest of the cards if you can take all the remaining tricks.
• Give it a try and if you find ANYTHING that you are not satisfied with, Please let us know through our support email. We very actively make improvements

Additional Features
• Features animated characters that talk and respond to the game! Play against Jed the cowboy or grumpy old Grandpa Bob. Watch your opponents get frustrated when you win!
• 5 animated characters in full retina support
• Settings to match how you play the game including - passing 3 or 4 cards, allowing peek or no peek, and more

Check out the free version of the app for a chance to try the app out before you buy.
  • Mobile Features Game Center Design Graphics & Animation
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Sep, 2012 - Mar, 2013)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Galezy, 4 stars:

I really enjoy this game. I'm glad I paid the extra for the updated version!

Slotomania hd, 4 stars:

Other team gets double aces with run almost every time compared to us only some of the time. Besides that love the game. Really like the players talking.

Pinochle Practice, 4 stars:

Great pinochle game! My only complaint is if you don't see trump called then you don't know what it is until after you pass cards! Also would like it better if my partner did a better job bidding.... Shouldn't keep bidding against me after other team has passed. Also it would be nice to have the option to play with real people!

C Shoney, 4 stars:

I love this game. Very true to how my family and I play. I love the characters and the gameplay. Couple suggestions to make it a 5 star app: have a leader board and add and tracking of overall record. Also it would be great if after each hand, the game told you what the ending score was. To those who mention that there is no reminder of the trump suit, you will notice that the cards in trump have a blue outline.

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