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dutch is the future of mobile payments and mobile invoicing! With dutch, you can leave your credit cards and your cash at home, and pay your restaurant bill directly through the app.

There is no need for additional hardware, or to allow your server to handle your phone. Just get your check, enter your check number, view your entire bill right on the app, and pay!

You can even split the check and only pay for what you ordered.

dutch is 100% secure and safe. Your payment information is encrypted, and only stored on your device with your personal PIN with your approval.

The more you use dutch to pay, the more rewards points you will earn! Points can be redeemed for cash, or used to discount future meal purchases.

With dutch, you can start making truly mobile payments today!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D MapKit AVFoundation Cocoa Touch Core Location
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Camera Audio & Video
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App Store Reviews
Haplo1384, 5 stars:

That was super quick! From downloading to paying, then I had the option to store my payment info for future purchases!!

Sptsjunkie, 5 stars:

Went to Untitled with a large group tonight. Normally splitting the check takes forever. This was fast and easy to used. Saved me time and a major headache. Plus I did't have to do any math. Yay!!!

ArcUser, 5 stars:

Fast and convenient. Will be great when more restaurants are available.

Cyan56, 5 stars:

Love this app!! Split the check by item rocks. But only one restaurant? Get more places please!!

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