What is GiftGiv

GiftGiv is an appreciation service for businesses and professionals. We make appreciating your customers a breeze while retaining that personal touch.

2/3rds of your customers say that they will re-hire or refer you if you appreciate them with a timely gift. However, most of the time we forget sending a thank you or miss celebrating a birthday. Now, with GiftGiv, you can keep in touch and show your appreciation to these important people. Send a simple greeting card or a gift card or something more under a minute from your phone.

Why GiftGiv

Get a concise list of all your contacts’ noteworthy events – both expected and unexpected – so that you won’t have to keep track of calendars, LinkedIn updates, and endless Facebook notifications.

No more spending hours at stores or online looking for gifts. GiftGiv takes all the hassle out of giving gifts and retains all of the meaning. Imagine sending a gift while you stand in line for your morning coffee!

We are also the first gift service to integrate LinkedIn so you can show your customers and business associates how much you care. GiftGiv helps you build a strong professional network.

An always-expanding gift selection includes gift cards, greeting cards, gift baskets, flowers and more!

Also, don’t worry if you don’t have their address. Once you’ve purchased the gift, we’ll send them an email telling them that we have a gift with their name on it. All they do is enter their address and the gift is on its way.

Key Features
• Syncs to your Phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.
• Badge alerts notify you of recent and upcoming occasions.
• Reputable vendors feature gifts and brands you’ll recognize and actually want to give.
• Don’t have the recipient’s mailing address? We’ll help you get it!
• Order history and shipping statuses allow you to easily keep track of sent gifts and your gift budgets
• Easy 1-click payment options include credit card or PayPal.
Screenshots for GiftGiv - For Thank you's and keeping in touch Screenshots for GiftGiv - For Thank you's and keeping in touch Screenshots for GiftGiv - For Thank you's and keeping in touch Screenshots for GiftGiv - For Thank you's and keeping in touch Screenshots for GiftGiv - For Thank you's and keeping in touch
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App Store Reviews
@socialcannons, 5 stars:

I just made my first purchase using the @giftgiv app. Once I figured out that I needed to press 'return' after adding the city and state fields all went smoothly. What a great option.

LLinks, 5 stars:

I don't think there are any apps that find events and then allow you to send gifts directly from the app itself. Best part here is it is not just birthdays, but other events as well including new jobs - LinkedIn integration is the best. A one stop shop for all your gifting needs. Suggest they should add holiday occasions as well as possible gift opportunities.

PhotosLover2013, 5 stars:

Nice app well executed!

Hkawale, 5 stars:

Nice app. Helps for appreciations to my peers and professional network via LinkedIn integration.

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    kushal shah
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