Have you ever found yourself hungry, staring blankly into your pantry? Or flipping through recipes – whether in a magazine or online — trying to find something to make with the ingredients you have on hand? Cook4Lyfe, an Best Recipe App finalist, can help by organizing your pantry and recommending recipes based on what you have on hand.
C4L will help you create a simple home inventory of ingredients you already have (using bar code scanner) to help you search. V2.0 takes cooking with ingredients you have on hand to the next level as you are now able to select multiple ingredients from your pantry to search! Using Intuitive Gesture Control, add or delete ingredients from the inventory to your grocery list and C4L will even recommend a grocery store based on the ingredients on your list, giving you driving directions to the grocery store.
Cook4Lyfe has a database of over 40,000 tried and true recipes from your favorite bloggers and food websites which is updated daily. Version 2.0 allows users to include expiration dates on pantry items, to share recipes via email, Facebook, or Twitter, and has a new servings counter (because no one likes math!) which allows you to multiply or divide recipe ingredients to suit your needs. Combine that with a new home screen design and 50 new recipe filters, C4L is sure to help awaken your culinary creativity.

Cook4Lyfe’s intuitive gesture control interface allows you to easily:
-Customize your home Inventory of ingredients; add expiration dates and select multiple ingredients from your pantry to search recipes off of!
-Search from over 40,000 recipes based on your customized inventory withover 50 new recipe filters
-Save favorite recipes and ingredients
-Create custom shopping lists from missing inventory ingredients
-Find the best grocery store in your area to find the ingredients you need
-Get directions to the recommended store
-Add purchased ingredients using swipe based gesture control to the inventory
-Streamline the entire grocery shopping and cooking process!

- We do lyfe right!
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App Store Reviews
Bradley166, 5 stars:

This app is so simple to use you just create an inventory, search recipes, build a shopping list for ingredients you are missing and it even recommends a grocery store based on your shopping list! Love the new dietary filters and the trending recipes are amazing

Cook4thanksgiving, 5 stars:

Made a great stuffing dish using this app!

Barrett Park, 5 stars:

I have cooked my last 5 or so meals using this app and I am so excited because of what it allows me to do! My memory is terrible and this app saves all of my ingredients, favorite recipes AND has a huge list of gluten free recipes (I'm gluten-free). Using it for my whole Thanksgiving Dinner :) Yipppee!!!

Mr. Matt Nixon, 5 stars:

Great app! Solves all cooking needs 4 Lyfe!!!

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