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Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone features ten melodic songs which are easy to play, yet convey the essence of mainstream (Swing/Bebop/Bossa) jazz vocabulary. The pieces are catchy and melodic, demonstrating the use of sequence and voice-leading to make a musical statement.

The app includes sheet music and play-along tracks featuring a world-class rhythm section, plus Greg Fishman demonstrating each piece on saxophone. In addition, there are play-along tracks with just the rhythm section, so users have the option of playing along with Greg Fishman or with just the rhythm section.

All pages turn automatically, and are synchronized with the play-along tracks for a great "hands-free" experience while playing the songs along with the app. Navigation is easy with a drop-down menu which lets the user select any song in the app for direct access.

Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone, Vol. 1 is the "prequel" to Greg Fishman's more advanced books, Jazz Saxophone Etudes and Jazz Saxophone Duets, and will provide valuable insights into a melodic approach to jazz improvisation. This book is recommended for saxophonists of all levels who wish to improve their tone, articulation, phrasing, and understanding of thematic development.

Special Features of Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone:

• Suggested Use Section - Provides detailed instructions on a variety of ways to work with the book.

• Idiomatically Correct - Every song lays comfortably, in the best playing register on the saxophone.

• Style & Analysis Section - Provides clear, concise explanations of sequence, variation and voice-leading

• Thematic Index - Lets you compare the opening themes of all ten songs in a convenient two page "at-a-glance" format. Also includes detailed information on the opening interval of each song, as well as harmonic context of the opening interval.
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App Store Reviews
Sax Lover, 5 stars:

Greg's books are so helpful that I was excited to see this book on phrasing become an app. As soon as I saw it, I downloaded it immediately I can't wait for all of Greg's books to become apps. It's so convenient to them on my IPad, especially when I am practicing out of town

Nickster60, 4 stars:

This is a pretty good app. I like the songs and they are pretty easy to follow and the plays is very good on the tracks. My only complaint is the pages don't turn as well as they should on the IPad they tend to lock up.

JOHN de B, 5 stars:

Well I have bought the Tenor phrasing app . So I thought why not the alto app again worth 20 stars and more fantastic for sight reading great backing tracks a blessing to use worth every penny I would pay even if it were twice this price Thank you for this amazing Tool Mr Jean de Bourgonniere Jersey Channel Islands

SAA236, 5 stars:

Wonderful app, which combines Fishman's Jazz Phrasing book with the pre-recorded backing tracks. The pieces are very well crafted, with great melodic catches and just enough swing without being too technically tricky. The pages turn automatically as you're playing with the accompaniment track, a great plus. I'm a newcomer to sax (but not a newcomer to wind instruments), and the pieces are just the right level for someone who knows the notes but hasn't yet gotten the jazz tone, rhythm, and technique mastered. I hope GF will eventually make his other books in this series (and in the Jazz Etudes series too) into iPad apps like this, as it's a terrific idea.

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