Everyone's favorite guy on the couch, musician, and podcast personality now has his own app. The Auer of Power is now on your iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®. Including quotes like:

"I keep trying but it never works out"
"Sold my guitar, bought some beer and chicken"
"I'm really on the grid now"
"I don't know I'm snapping"

Listen to hilarious quotes, make prank calls, or pretend to be the Auer of Power! Includes over 75 sounds!

Get the app, turn your volume up, and enjoy your favorite quotes from the Auer of Power!

Please rate or review this app if you enjoy it. Thanks!

P.S. Watch for updates
  • Developer Environments PhoneGap
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video HTML5
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Version: 1  (Dec, 2012 - Dec, 2012)   Show More
App Store Reviews
medred, 5 stars:

Needs to be updated though

TheMan781, 5 stars:

When I saw the Auer of Power had his own app I had to get it. I don't mind throwing a dollar Jason's way. When can I give a dollar to Eddie and the rest of the gang?

DubleProductions, 5 stars:

I would rather donate to the Auer of Power than the show, since Jason is the show. Eff Farside. Where is his app?

RingoJones, 4 stars:

I am a Talkins Hit-head with a job and would never give an alcoholic drug-addled homeless person a dollar but I will buy apps from them! My only hope is Eddie & Jim get 90% of this money because Jason only owns 10% of the show! Maybe Tait will man Jason up enough and then Lilit will finally sleep with him and can move on to teasing Yoshi!

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