Nigel is a firefly who is afraid of the dark. He just can't seem to glow like the other fireflies in the bog. But, with the help of The Willow Frog, Nigel learns to believe in himself-- will he find "The Glow?"

A lyrical story that captures the reader's imagination, "The Glow" encourages confidence and allows children to discover the magical world of the bog. Includes listen and read modes, beautiful hand drawn artwork and whimsical interaction. Designed for children ages 2 and up.

Willow Frog is an independent producer of interactive storybook apps for children. Like you, we love the magic and charm of a good picture book, and we believe that today's technology should compliment, not distract from the story. It is with pride we offer not games, but books to share with your family.
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App Store Reviews
Debbie@pp@l, 5 stars:

Amazing! The illustrations and interactivity are terrific! Also love the alliteration! I think kids will love this experience!

GalacticNar, 5 stars:

Downloaded this not knowing what to expect so let me give you a heads up, your kid will love it. My 4 year old keeps asking me to read, luckily there's a built in professional narrator with music so she can follow along herself! We really enjoyed discovering the interactivity on each page. Five stars!

DopplerDaveT, 5 stars:

This is a wonderful interactive story. Beautifully illustrated and well-written. My children have fun with the interactive aspects of it. I love the fact the story is not only entertaining, but also has a great lesson. Always believe in yourself, never give up and you too can glow! Five stars!!

Rhisey, 5 stars:

Such a charming story. Beautiful illustrations and interactivity. Choose to read it to kids yourself or using the wonderful built-in narration. Easy for children to navigate between pages.

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