With this interactive sales kit, exhibitors can engage their prospects in their booth at trade shows by demonstrating product presentations, videos, brochures, press releases, and other marketing materials on the iPad. Select which marketing materials prospects are interested in and send e-literature straight to their email.

Easily manage all marketing materials through a secure portal. Then build an interactive sales kit from the sales kit Store by selecting individaul marketing pieces that meets the prospect's needs. Add these marketing pieces to the Kit where you can demonstrate the selected materials to your prospect. From there, select the materials the prospect would like to recieve, add them to the Tote and send the selected materials to your prospect.

Intelligent SALES is an additional extension to Alliance Tech's lead retrieval solution, Intelligent LEADS. With this seamless integration you can capture, qualify, report, manage lead information and send e-literature all from the iPad.

The Intelligent SALES for iPad application operates on an event code (provided by Alliance Tech), which provides the information necessary for your specific event.
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