EYES IN™: World's Innovative Creators and Their Masterpieces

Nominated for an Eddie in the "Best Digital Magazine Consumer App" category against Esquire and Red Bull magazines in the 2012 Eddie and Ozzie Awards, an annual award honoring excellence in outstanding editorial content and magazine design.

EYES IN™ Magazine travels the globe for you. We take you to all corners of innovation and excitement by having interviews with the designers from the Dior fashion shows in Paris to the Lamborghini car designers in Italy. Through exciting clips plus beautiful photography, EYES IN™ let you witness trends where they happen! Did you ever wonder how a celebrity creator thinks? Then please read our exclusive interviews with the stunning creators that can all be accessed through our EYES IN™ Magazine.

As both a magazine and an art collector's buying guide, EYES IN™ spotlights the fields of art, books, design, architecture, film, fashion, artists, music, photography, culture, real estate, culinary arts, travel, health, science, beauty and technology. PR and news publishing services for innovative creators and their companies are available on our website ( for web content solutions or via our interactive publications.

EYES IN™ offers readers the latest trend updates and innovations in each field via an interactive magazine format. EYES IN™ delves into the respective insights, disciplines, pieces, and peoples of each field through easy-access digital issues and mobile publishing formats.

EYES IN™ aims to provide both accessibility and exclusivity to creators, collectors, gallery owners, art institutions, film production companies and education facilities.

Prepared with assistance from Redfish Creative LLC ( All content copyright 2012 EYES IN™ Corp.
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App Store Reviews
lunakitty17701, 5 stars:

This is an absolutely stunning and a fabulous app. EYES IN has the most attractive images and it is packed full of extremely creative art and topics. This is a must have for people interested in the arts, photography, music and much more. You will not be disappointed and I highly recommend this app. The app is so easy to use and I am very satisfied with all of its features.

Jillian21, 5 stars:

This remarkable app is a goldmine of creativite inspirations. It covers a myriad of interesting topics. The last magazine app I downloaded was just a collection of random fluff put together simply to sell an app. :( EYES IN is completely different ~ brilliant from the first page to the last! Kudos to the editorial team. You guys deserve all the accolades you're getting for producing this high quality magazine.

Ajrpoetry, 5 stars:

Eyes in continues to raise the bar when it comes to outstanding presentation, intellect, and innovation!

Brzm36, 5 stars:

This thing is sweet! They did an awesome job on interaction, images, and scrolling text. One of the better art magazines out there today! Two thumbs up! Also, I found out they will publish my next gallery show for my oil paintings on their website for a price i could actually afford as a starving artist and they also offered to interview me in the magazine for a small fee! That blew my mind!!! How many art magazines do THAT!? Won't be long before I will see my own art up here... Amazing... Thank you!

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