From the creator of 'WASP on the Web', 'Marching Songs of The WASP', 'WASP Collectible History Cards', and the 'FlyGirl's of WWII Traveling Exhibit' comes 'FlyGirl WWII', a colorful look back into the life and imagination of a young Florida girl who becomes a pioneering American Fly Girl!

This first of its kind WASP APP includes over 100 screens of memories, pictures, songs,  and videos, all woven together as the interactive WWII experience of WASP Deanie Parrish -- one of the pioneering Women Airforce Service Pilots,  the first women in history to fly America's military aircraft.

FLYGIRL WWII is a unique, interactive journey back in time when Model T's were the main form of transportation,  and America was slowly coming back from the greatest depression in history. Follow young Deanie as she grows up in Central Florida and, when she realizes that boys in her town are being taught to fly, asks the question,  “Why can't I learn, too?”  Deanie goes on to solo.   Eventually, the WASP are created.  When old enough, she is accepted and completes Army Air Force Flight Training in West Texas.  She graduates and becomes a B-26 air-to-air tow target pilot, training gunners (who are using live ammunition) for combat. 

FLYGIRL WWII includes Deanie's most recent campaigns to shine a light on the little known history of the WASP -- thru her speeches and interviews by PBS, the Pentagon Channel, CNN, Fox News,  and her perseverance for WASP national recognition and acceptance speech  in 2010 in the US Capitol,  on behalf of all the WASP,  for the WASP Congressional Gold Medal. Additional resources include Deanie's speech,  on behalf of all the WASP,  thanking the Air Force Association for honoring the WASP with their Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2011 her induction into the Gathering of Eagles by the USAF Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

FLYGIRL WWII is created and designed by Nancy Parrish,  as if in the words of WASP Deanie Parrish, with her full support and participation. A wonderful way to learn about a missing chapter in the history of women, the history of the Air Force, the history of military aviation, and the history of America. 

Included in the app:
Interactive overlays that include dynamic photos with pinch and zoom, panoramas and scrollable frames, html5 animation, and over 60 screens with multi-state slide-shows.
WASP Across America:    US MAP with over 100 buttons.    Clicking  the buttons on the map brings up faces and video clips of individual  WASP (the overlooked Women Airforce Service Pilots, WWII).  
  Congressional Gold Medal:  The gold medal spins as it is ‘swiped’ showing both sides.  (The spinning Gold Medal looks fabulous on the ipad)
Music or sounds that play as soon as the next screen loads or a button is pressed, causing the sound to play.
Scrolling text frames on many screens.
Complete WASP WWII Timeline
PDF articles of Public Law 111-40; Above & Beyond Tribute to the 38 Women killed flying for our country; “Passing it On” with inspirational quotes from 37 WASP.

The APP is just FULL of wonderful graphics and photos from Deanie's early life,  to the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony, and  the years in between. It also includes additional pdf files of original articles and an entire WASP WWII TIMELINE.

Should you wish more information on Wings Across America, Deanie Parrish,  or the ongoing work to honor the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII, please visit

If you have questions or comments about the APP, please feel free to email Nancy:
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App Store Reviews
Disneywld, 5 stars:

This review is way overdue, although the app is hardly a month old, it took me many hours to view the information contained within. Maybe I should start from the beginning. I volunteer at an outstanding museum in Denver; The Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. In October, 2012, I was asked if I'd like to work on setting up a WASP exhibit at the museum. I knew what a WASP was, but I could not recall what the acronym stood for. My memory of WASPs were women who shuttled military aircraft to Europe during WWII. They were brave women who did the jobs that men did not want to do. I was half right in my assumptions, and totally wrong in about the scope of these women who served our nation so proudly. (They never shuttled planes to Europe.) I volunteered for the project, and it was met with delays from the trucking company - almost a full week late. The women who flew in from Texas to oversee the assembly had waited patiently for it to arrive. A team of five of us also waited and waited. On a Friday night the truck was unloaded and we had a few short days left to assemble, and in some cases, modify the exhibit in time for the grand opening. On Saturday I met Deanie Parrish (WASP) and her daughter Nancy Parrish. Our team was instantly taken in awe by the pair. Nancy was responsible for creating the exhibit and this iPad application. Deanie and many other WASPs provided the stories, photos and history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots. We made the deadline, and found a renewed appreciation of the service these women provided. Incidentally, the WASPs were honored at the 2012 annual Gala at the museum. Onto the app. This is a free application - yes totally free. Nancy Parrish repeated the information found in the exhibit and included so much more. You will find copies of original documents, videos, sound clips, music, hundreds of photos, and the written memories of the WASPs. The WASPs were honored many years later and there is a lot of documentation that gives the viewer a first-hand view of how important these events touched the lives of the surviving WASPs. I think a good review should also have a critique. There is something missing, and I am positive that Nancy will be including this soon. At the exhibit there is a filmstrip style "roll" of photos of every WASP. Included are their names and service number. I found this very touching and in a way a personal connection to each of them. Maybe it was because of Deanie, who verbally provided the narration and tales of the past and present. I have since met 6 other WASPs and was equally impressed. Thank you for all you have done to help keep our country free. This is an amazing application - please take the time to check it out.

Jwillgaul, 5 stars:

Awesome app. Everyone should get to know the WASPs and everything they did for our country! They never get a lot of press but they are an often overlooked part of our history! The interactive nature of the app is great...the story....the pics...the music, overall just so awesome. If all educational apps could,be this well done we could all see history in a different light! Great app, but more importantly, deannie thank you for your service. Also thanks to your mission of getting the word out! Nancy you rock!!!

Buglegirl1000, 5 stars:

For the BEST reviews of FLYGIRL WWII so far, check the "ALL VERSIONS" tab. OR, if you've downloaded the app, please post your own!!!! THANKS!

Handyandy,jr, 5 stars:

This is an extremely well done app about a shamefully ignored part of this Nation's WWII experience. WASPs were just tossed aside like yesterday's newspaper when their job was done in spite of promises that were made by our government. App contains numerous photos and news clippings, plus video and music. Requires a fair amount of navigation to see all the features but worth the effort, just follow the arrows, up and down, side to side. Includes a short bio of each of the women who died during their flight service and the unbelievable text of the telegram that was sent to the family of one of them. (have to look to find it) A long overdue tribute. Good work!

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