QThru is the breakthrough mobile app which empowers shoppers to scan purchases using their smartphones as they shop and check out at a QThru kiosk. No lines, no wait, no hassle. Experience the pleasure of no lines using our mobile checkout application. Just scan your items, checkout, and go!

Features include:
* Scan barcodes on items to add them to your cart
* Shop from your personally created shopping list
* Store loyalty cards in our app
* View grocery store specials and savings (only in-network locations for now)
* Quickly gain access to your favorite items from your favorites list
* Get product details like nutritional information
* See a running total so you can see just how much you're about to spend
* Q-Code checkout for instant payment and receipt
* Allows you to purchase produce and bulk items using our digital scale solution

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Version History:
Version: 1  (Dec, 2012 - Jul, 2013)   Show More
App Store Reviews
KD Field, 5 stars:

Love love love this!! You gotta try it. Saw it at my local store and didn't get it or understand what it was. Was renting some redbox movies and this thing was right next to it so I looked more closely. Awesome. My husband wishes it was available for Windows phone.

L a a l a, 5 stars:

I love this app. So easy. Saves time and requires no effort. Very helpful especially with kids that make shopping chaotic.

Darin P., 5 stars:

It may take a little getting used to and instructions about the process, but if you are looking for ways to simplify your daily transactions and your store of choice uses this app, it is really worth a look.

Scriscione, 5 stars:

I use this at work with Molly's and it's awesome! I love that I can get a running total of items in my cart.

Official Team Members:

  • Phil Stafford
    Phil Stafford
    Developer , PR & Marketing