“Walter’s Flying Bus” is inspired by the real-life art and dreams of Walter and his friends, who all live together at a special needs orphanage in Uganda. Walter lives without a family, and was badly burned as a young boy, yet despite his circumstances, he still seeks adventure and dreams of being a bus driver someday.

In "Walter's Flying Bus," Walter finds an abandoned bus and together with the hopes and dreams of his friends, and a little work, the engine soon roars to life! The children realize their dreams are not only inspirational but they have the power to carry them to what they desire most, families that will love them forever.

"Walter's Flying Bus" Features:
• Interactivity within an animated adventure
• Narrated in English, Spanish and Luganda (A primary language of Uganda)
• Inspired by the real-life art and dreams of orphaned children in Uganda
• Fully scored with original music
• Auto Play feature

• Ability to select ENGLISH, SPANISH or LUGANDA Narration/Text
• Mini-documentaries of the real-life children featured! (requires Wi-Fi connection)
• Celebrates the beauty and dignity of every child
• On/off narration and on/off music selection
• Chapter selection
• Full navigation menu
• Information button (credits)

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of after-tax profits from App sales go to efforts helping orphans with special needs, including advocacy, care, and adoption assistance grants.
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation Audio & Video Backend
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App Store Reviews
My name is ellie, 5 stars:

This is adorable!

Bored to death!, 5 stars:

This book is well done.

kitthen, 5 stars:

Very cute story! Even better that the characters are based on real children! A little long, but all ages will enjoy the animations and sound effects. Great job!

Walter's biggest fan, 4 stars:

I love it! My nieces and nephews cannot stop watching it! And to be honest, I love watching it with them! I couldn't believe that the characters were based on REAL LIFE KIDS in Uganda.... just makes the book that much better. This is a MUST HAVE!!!

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