Ellipticus is a revolutionary system for visualizing your time. Bold, innovative, and visually stunning, Ellipticus is a ground breaking calendar system. At a moments glance you are visually connected with the events of your day or year as never before. When viewing a year, the calendar placed in the context of the solar system, with the earth traveling around the sun, as a temporal map, which gives you an extraordinary vision of the events of your year. Customizable charts give you a quick look comparison of events ranging from the semesters of a school year, sales campaign, vacation opportunity, seasonal weather, or an untold variety of other multi day events. The possibilities are endless. Single days are viewed as the earth rotating through the hours of the day with your daily events encircling it, once again giving you a quick view of conflicts and openings. Daily events can also be set to repeat on specified days, for instance every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2pm till 4pm. This kind of visually innovative display and flexibility makes the quick read format of Ellipticus an essential new tool for productivity and time management.
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It's about time. This thing really makes sense!

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