GARY NUMAN: NOW...and then
Includes 'DEAD MOON FALLING', a full reworking of Gary Numan’s critically acclaimed ‘DEAD SON RISING’ album, featuring remixes by some of the world’s most cutting-edge artists.

Updated for 2013. With the release of Splinter, Gary's first fully new album for seven years, we've updated the app with fascinating new interviews, videos and photos. We revisit Gary at his new LA home and get a guided tour of the home studio used in Splinter's recording.

And Gary visited Tom Artrocker's London flat in June for a rigorous, in depth interview about Splinter, plans for the future, the future of 'the album', and a glimpse into the 'dark side' that informs his work.

Gary Numan: Now and Then is a massive piece of work, full of exclusive interviews and videos recorded over the last 18 months, packed with memorabilia and fabulous exclusive photos, all presented in interactive forms that make the best of tablet technology. This update will not be the last, we'll keep bringing you the news and content unavailable anywhere else. We have been granted unique access to Gary, and will continue to deliver the latest to you.

It's been an amazing couple of years for Gary Numan, returning to form as a recording artist and back in the public gaze as one of the revered greats of Pop. Artrocker editor-in-chief Tom Artrocker has conducted a series of interviews with Gary since April 2012, discussing the past, present and future of the King of Synth. No stone is left unturned. Tom also spoke to co-producer Ade Fenton, members of Gary's present band as well as former alumni, Gary's merch man of many years.
For this App Artrocker commissioned photographer, and former male super-model Keith Martin to take a series of new photos of Gary, his crew and fans. The result is nearly 200 brand new, never before seen photos.
Embedded in the app are a dozen interview videos, on subjects as diverse as 'Cars' and moving to the USA.
Buyers are given access to an EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD ALBUM; Gary's last album Dead Son Rising remixed in it's entirety.
Gary talks about his recent return to prominence, moving to America, writing, recording, producing and performing, future plans, the next album... even the make of car he'll be driving around LA.
Gary discusses how it all began, the first fateful meeting with a synthesiser, riding the instant rocket to fame, the come down, the lost years and the fight back. We have nearly 100 flyers, programmes, back stage passes, photos from the period and vintage magazine covers.
This is an App that will appeal to Numanoids, synth-poppers and music fans of all ages. All Hail King Gary. All Hail Artrocker.
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App Store Reviews
sgranlund, 5 stars:

A reasonable price for a feature packed media rich informative e book. The price of a magazine with more features and video. I love it and if ur a Numanoid, u will too

Aprils Thorns, 5 stars:

Thanks for an awesome App :)

charles contois, 5 stars:

After many years of being a fan of Gary's music it is so refreshing to have such an excellent conduit to his latest ventures and plans. The layout and construction of this ap is easy to follow and lush with excellent artwork and content. What an incredible piece of genius for both new and established followers of Gary's art!

Sgt. Schlitz, 5 stars:

A must for all Numanoids.

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