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Now free for a limited time!!!
light crafter combines music, art and science in one relaxing experience. Use all your fingers to guide the star flow. You can create 5 different animations depending on the number of fingers touching the screen:

Now also slide up in the bottom right in the screen to access the menu for even more features

1 - Rocket, 2 - Sparkle, 3 - Energy flow, 4 - Atomic, 5 - 3D freeze

The soundtrack is amazing! 3 different tracks push you further away into a deep relaxation state. If you're connected to a remote user, you even share the same music ambiance.

Unleash your creativity and create unique masterpieces!


► Multitouch
► Thousands of particles animated at 60 frames per second
► Changing/manual colors
► Play/pause the animation
► Save snapshots to your Photo Library
► Multiple animation options (ex: speed, tail, size, opacity, etc.)
► Ability to save and load option presets
► Multiple play modes: default, drawing, tranquility and user defined
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App Store Reviews
Codyjack5, 4 stars:

Pretty cool app, doesn't do much. Would be better if ambient visuals moved to sound? Are those sperm? The more I play with this app the more like this app!!! -BB

Holy /:;cow, 5 stars:

I got the chills it's so good

ER__QAZ__ER, 5 stars:

Great to keep yourself relaxed

NTCDevo, 5 stars:

Never seen an app like this before. It's amazingly calming and keeps me occupied when I have nothing to do. Highly recommended for those who r stressed. Love the app. So good it should cost money =D

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