***** WINNER – 2013 Tillywig Brain Child Award + SheKnows Parenting Award *****

***** KIDS (2 – 6) LEARN the alphabet + vocabulary + new music + have FUN! *****

***** No third party ads and No in App purchase required *****

“From an educational standpoint, it would be difficult to imagine a more impactful approach…These original animated videos incorporate a great many features geared towards developing essential reading knowledge and skills in young children… “ -- Tillywig Brain Child Award


* Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition for all 26 letters
* Phonemic awareness – through rhymes and alliteration
* New vocabulary words
* New musical styles and genres

From the award-winning online education leader, This app offers a fun and effective way to teach young children the names and sounds of all 26 letters, expand their vocabulary, and expose them to a variety of musical styles.

· The app starts out with 3 free HD music videos (letters A, B & C) PLUS 100 virtual tickets to unlock any other 2 videos of your choice right away.

· To unlock more videos, you can use the tickets you earn by watching the music videos.

· In-app purchases are NOT REQUIRED, but are available to help you unlock videos more quickly.

* This app contains NO third-party advertising and does NOT share any personally identifiable information about you or your child with third parties.


* “Love it for my classroom and kids!! Catchy tunes and awesome graphics that my kindergarten students love!”
* “My 2yr od and 4yr old both love this app! One of the few that they will play together without fighting.”
* “My 3 year old is LOVING learning!!”
* “If there was an option to give it 10 stars, then I would!!!”

Thank you – from all of us at!
Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos Screenshots for A to Z Music Videos
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App Store Reviews
MaxTurn, 5 stars:

This rocks! I know you might have to buy the alphabet songs if you run out of tickets, but it beats letting the little ones watch cartoons that does not teach a lot.

션군과제나양, 5 stars:

처음 C까지 열리고 티켓으로 두개 더 열어 시작했을때는 실망스러웠어요. 그러나 하나를 열어 볼때마다 티켓이 지급됐고 간혹 보너스 티켓까지.. 물론 50장을 모아 하나를 열기가 쉽진 않았으나 아이들은 정말 열심히 듣고 보더라구요.. 결국 마지막까지 다 열었고 이젠 티켓을 모을 필요가 없어져서 오히려 뜸해지네요.. 하지만 그 사이 9살 아들은 A~Z까지 다 외워서 어느곳에서나 동생이 요구하면 불러줍니다. 4살 딸래미는 오빠처럼 완벽하게 부르지는 못하지만 들리는대로 나름 몇곡은 외우고 나머지는 오빠나 아이패드를 따라할수는 있게 되었구요.. 아직도 가끔 주어지는 시간을 이용해서 잘 듣고 있습니다 ㅎㅎ 나머지 숫자도 하고 싶지만 참습니다 ㅡㅡ;;

Bonster11, 5 stars:

My daughter is obsessed with this app! We haven't had any problems like some have posted. Also very nice that you do not have to be connected to Wi-Fi to watch once the letters are downloaded.

Wehrewolfe, 5 stars:

My little girl loves the music but wish there was a faster way to earn tickets to advance the alphabet

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